• Stop and ask if you are suspicious something may be asbestos or if you think the work might need to be carried out by a licenced contractor
  • Follow the plan of work and the task guidance sheets; make sure you use the right sheet for the job
  • Make sure you take account of other risks such as work at height
  • Use your protective equipment, including a suitable face mask, worn properly
  • Clean up as you go – stop waste building up
  • Make sure waste is double-bagged and is disposed of properly at a licensed tip
  • Wash before breaks and going home


  • Use methods that create a lot of dust, like using power tools
  • Sweep up dust and debris – use a Type H vacuum cleaner or wet rags
  • Take home overalls used for asbestos work
  • Reuse disposable clothing or masks
  • Smoke
  • Eat or drink in the work area